Dec. 30th, 2014 04:40 am
goodbyebird: My Mad Fat Diary: Rae cries. (MMFD so you do think I'm better?)
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01-08 tre nøtter til askepott
09-10 arrow
11-15 belle
16-18 btvs
19-19 captain america 2
20-24 outlander
25-28 how to get away with murder
29-34 person of interest
35-35 the good wife
36-36 the americans
37-45 comics (deadpool, ms marvel, nimona)

There's always casualties when you're fighting a war. )


Oct. 15th, 2014 07:42 am
goodbyebird: The Good Wife: Alicia daydreaming about becoming State Attourney. (TGW I like clarity)
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01-11 How To Get Away With Murder
12-17 The Good Wife
18-25 Masters of Sex
26-27 Penny Dreadful
28-31 CA2
32-33 Pitch Perfect
34-39 Gone Girl

Did you kill your wife, Nick? )


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