goodbyebird: Xena: Gabrielle and Xena. Smirky times. (Xena this looks naughty)


01-10 glow
11-15 wonder woman
16-20 xena
21-24 supergirl
25-28 misc

Her hair is brown. The color of shit. )
goodbyebird: Jessica Jones: Jessica atop the tower, looking out over the city. (JJ it will hurt)


01-06 12 Monkeys
07-10 Avengers 2
11-21 Jessica Jones
22-24 Man From UNCLE
25-27 Supergirl
28-34 Star Wars

Smile. )
goodbyebird: Community: Abed dressed as Batman: "I am Batman. Or am I? Yes. I am Batman." (Community if I stay there can be no part)


01-04 arrow
05-07 blindspot
08-18 penny dreadful
19-32 sense8

I felt you walking to my door. )
goodbyebird: Avengers: Faded image of Natasha. (Avengers redrum redroom)


01-17 mad max: fury road
18-20 batman returns
21-24 person of interest
25-27 gone girl
28-28 transparent
29-32 agent carter
33-36 selfie
37-48 the 100

We are not things. )
goodbyebird: Person of Interest: Root is looking at Shaw. (PoI we're perfect for each other)


01-14 person of interest
15-25 gone girl
26-26 how to get away with murder
27-29 Elementary
30-31 orphan black
32-33 penny dreadful
34-36 agent carter
37-40 mcu
41-44 broad city

Yes, Sameen. That's good enough for me. )
goodbyebird: Mara: Mara Prince floating in the air, meditating. (C ∞ this is who I am now)
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goodbyebird: Person of Interest: Root giving Shaw an ever adoring look. Shaw's trying too hard to ignore her(we're on to you!) (PoI coocoo for murderpuffs)


Today is More Joy Day! I made icons + wallpapers huzzah :D All are 1440x900.

goodbyebird: Batman returns: Catwoman seen through a glass window. (PoI ladies night)


Mostly [community profile] fandom_stocking fills.

01-08 orphan black
09-12 penny dreadful
13-29 person of interest
30-32 selfie
33-34 arrow
35-36 continuum
37-37 only lovers left alive
38-40 the americans
41-44 comics (black widow, ms. marvel)

It'd be like giving a five year old the key to a jet. )
goodbyebird: My Mad Fat Diary: Rae cries. (MMFD so you do think I'm better?)


01-08 tre nøtter til askepott
09-10 arrow
11-15 belle
16-18 btvs
19-19 captain america 2
20-24 outlander
25-28 how to get away with murder
29-34 person of interest
35-35 the good wife
36-36 the americans
37-45 comics (deadpool, ms marvel, nimona)

There's always casualties when you're fighting a war. )
goodbyebird: The Good Wife: Alicia daydreaming about becoming State Attourney. (TGW I like clarity)


01-11 How To Get Away With Murder
12-17 The Good Wife
18-25 Masters of Sex
26-27 Penny Dreadful
28-31 CA2
32-33 Pitch Perfect
34-39 Gone Girl

Did you kill your wife, Nick? )